Version Modification Date Description
1.0.44 2017-11-10 renbirthday is live.
1.0.43 2017-10-27 rencc add is now available for Sensei+ roles.
1.0.42 2017-10-26 Testing Sensei+ roles with rencustomcom add.
1.0.41 2017-10-16 Third party cog renreact was added.
1.0.40 2017-10-03 A backup battery was installed to keep Ren up if there's a power outage
1.0.39 2017-09-24 rentempchannels now supports category nesting.
1.0.38 2017-09-10 rentempchannels is live.
1.0.37 2017-09-06 rentempchannels is in testing. ETA is some time this week.
1.0.36 2017-08-28 renranks is in preliminary beta phase. ETA unknown.
1.0.35 2017-06-29 Added renscenery, renpunish.
Added RSS heartbeat monitor.
1.0.34 2017-06-01 renhighlights is now live.
renword_filter is now live. New site is live, and available on GitHub.
1.0.33 2017-05-20 Server management is now 2FA secured.
1.0.32 2017-05-08 renstar is live.
Leaderboards were archived and reset.
1.0.31 2017-04-27 Server Welcome: Added logging.
1.0.30 2017-04-26 Added navbar links to GitHub.
1.0.29 2017-04-24 Added GitHub branch: prod.
Added Travis CI checks.
Updated Ren to latest Red-DiscordBot version.
Migrated Ren to different user account.
1.0.28 2017-04-15 renwelcome is live. Ren now sends welcome DMs to new members.
Ren's avatar updated.
1.0.27 2017-04-11 rencatgirl updated with add command. Still WIP.
1.0.26 2017-03-30 Ren's RSS module now parses and removes HTML from summaries.
1.0.25 2017-03-09 Ren's RSS module moved to AWS.
Ren's AWS audio module linked with in-house music directories.
1.0.24 2017-03-07 Ren's audio module moved to AWS.
1.0.23 2017-02-20 renkanna is live. Based off of rencatgirl.
1.0.22 2017-02-19 renrss now has image embeds.
1.0.21 2017-02-17 renrss is in testing.
Bot requirements updated.
1.0.20 2017-02-16 renleaderboard is now fetching updated usernames/nicknames.
1.0.19 2017-02-11 rencatgirl is now live.
1.0.18 2017-02-08 Requested, and was granted permission to have Ayumi bot added to SAD. Ayumi lives on AWS in the Canada (Central) region. Ayumi is an instance of the bot, modified to allow everyone to add/remove it from a voice channel.
1.0.17 2017-02-06 sedruk: Added more drinks to renbar.
Injabie3: Modified renbank transfer to accept parameters sum user instead of user sum to match renbar
1.0.16 2017-01-26 Altered display of results after a duel in renduel.
1.0.15 2017-01-25 Added SFU Anime Club Facebook feed to homepage.
1.0.14 2017-01-23 Modified startup scripts to start Ren in auto-restart mode.
1.0.13 2017-01-22 Added user avatars to user, economy, and duel pages.
1.0.12 2017-01-19 Fixed empty row displaying on duels statistics page.
Bot requirements updated.
Uptime page changed to
1.0.11 2017-01-14 Added "Ren" as a prefix for commands, for mobile friendliness. Now, "ren" and "Ren" are prefixes.
1.0.10 2017-01-13 Updated to latest version of Red-DiscordBot using git pull. Adjusted economy module to accommodate custom modifications. Adjusted owner module to fix reninfo and renversion error exceptions.
1.0.9 2017-01-04 Leaderboards were archived and reset.
1.0.8 2016-12-29 Modified user info to show/hide details.
User info updates every 2 minutes instead of every 4 hours, after verifying Discord API rate limits.
1.0.7 2016-12-19 Economy now fetches updated nicknames and usernames (nicknames take precedence), and displays them instead of the ones that Ren shows.
Added user info.
Modified navigation bar.
Added duels info.
1.0.6 2016-11-25 CSS updated.
AyumiBot in development by @sedruk.
Server successfully backed up at 04:10.
1.0.5 2016-11-18 Using economy info page, added games page.
Modified navigation bar.
Server successfully backed up at 04:10.
1.0.4 2016-11-17 Added playlist viewer.
Added test bot uptime.
1.0.3 2016-11-16 Added economy info.
1.0.2 2016-11-15 Added uptime on site, plus additional info.
1.0.1 2016-11-14 Added Local Track listing.
1.0.0 2016-11-13 Initial version of site, bot migrated to in-house hosting.